Tuesday, August 28, 2007




Within next 3 years, every company, big or small,
will have to embrace the "Social Web" marketing tools
or they will become irrelevant.

                                                             - Uki D. Lucas, principal

Established May 30, 2007, our goal is to work with Google technology community to promote education, community interaction and entrepreneurship.

So far we:
  • organized 28 technology meet-ups
  • organized 5 large conferences with Google, Motorola, UIC, etc.
  • partnered with Android developer group from Motorola
  • became official Google Technology User Group for Chicago (GTUG) 
  • trying to reach out to other groups in Chicago to join forces

What can we help you with?
  • organize conferences to provide education on:
    • using Social Media in your business
    • development and implementing Social Web tools
    • helping start-ups and small businesses
    • Google Web and Android technologies
  • provide one-on-one assessments of your company's needs
    • free initial evaluation (time-limited offer)
    • provide classes customized to your needs on how to use free Social Web tools
  • custom development of complex solutions
    • prototyping, design and User Experience (UX)
    • Google Web toolkit (GWT) AJAX, CSSGoogle API for maps, OpenSocial, etc.Twitter APIFacebook API
    • Android phone application development
    • development of plug-and-play elements for Google sites, iGoogle pages, Orkut and Blogger
  • development of additional tools for the Social Web