Monday, May 19, 2008

"Loony" data storage

I was thinking about all this music that was either never recorded, or
which recordings did not survive.
Then, I was thinking about the TV and radio programs that were
broadcasted into the space. They are still there travelling at the
speed of light. Occasionally, they bounce back and we can pick them up.
Then, I thought: Wow!
If we use the broadcasting into the space and bouncing it agaist the
celestial bodies, let's say a few years away, we could create an
unlimited, long term storage device. This storage would be good for
serial data for which we don't have the capacity today, or we don't
have use, but which might come useful in few years.
What might it be? High resolution images taken every second from
satelites, medical, or other fields. Today, these might be useless,
but in few years they might be used in climate comparisons, or
population health studies.

Loony? Maybe, but fun to think of...

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