Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Code life-cycle stages


The code base for the application resides in the source repository in SNV or CVS.
The database schema and bootstrap.sql script also reside in the repository.


The most current version of the database reside in the DEV server.
The application code should be built to DEV server automatically (CruiseControl) on regular basis, preferably every hour at pre-determined time.


The developers should work with the specific goals of what goes into the next QA build.
The QA server should be built at least weekly to keep the QA staff updated.
The developers should perform a cross-check of each other's functionality after the QA build to promote cross-training and quality standards.
The application is moved from QA to UAT (it is not built from the source)


The UAT is build when the QA reaches the acceptable milestone, at least every couple of weeks, to promote customer feedback.


The copy of the PROD is made to STAGE and the new database and code changes are deployed against it. The code stays in the STAGE until the client decide to release it to the PROD.


The application is moved to the production environment after the customer approves of the build.