Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soul searching

Every several months I am asking myself the question: what's next?

For last 4 months I've been creating a social network application in GWT with very good results. I used Spring,
Hibernate, Maven and Ant. The project will keep on going for another
year-and-half, so I will get plenty of these technologies. 

Still, the question remains, what's next? 

The rest of the company is looking at Flex3. In last several years we learned to avoid the XML-hell, and (Java or Action)Script, Adobe did not.
I am missing rich application functionality in HTML/CSS/JS GWT, but I cherish Java tools.

Then, again I realize I have been writing this and reading the Web
whole morning on iPhone, with my Mac BookPro stuffed in the backpack
next to me - laptops become simply obsolete for everyday users.

Sun is writing the JVM for iPhone and if Apple allows it, we can write apps in

Objective-C may be powerful but is verbose, ugly, and does not
have as much community support as Java, I am talking about frameworks,
not the language itself.

I will wait for iPhone Java patiently while trying to warm myself to

Like me, people will want to use the fully featured (Web) applications on their mobile devices.