Monday, August 11, 2008

How to publish Javadoc on Google Code

  1. Upload the javadocs to the google code svn repository for the project.
  2. Change the MIME type of these javadoc pages from text/plain to text/html and text/css. This is done with subclipse (in Eclipse) as follows
    1. Right-click the folder that contains the javadocs. Select [Team] -> [Set Property...].
    2. Name: "svn:mime-type", Value: "text/html".
    3. Select "Set property recursively" and click OK.
    4. Set the property for the individual css file in the same way to "text/css".
  3. Commit the changes to the svn repository.
  4. In Google Code, browse the project source to the index.html of the javadoc.
  5. Select "View raw file". Just link to that URL as your published Javadoc.

I got all my information here: