Friday, September 5, 2008

Internet Connection Anywhere (or almost)

I love to write blogs from the coffee shops at the bookstore.

There is hardly anything more stimulating for me than watching people
reading books. I try to guess each persons character and interests and
I know many of us do that. The crowds in the airports, malls, or
Starbucks are also interesting, but the people with books are much
better. You get less of the mindless or sleazy types in the bookstore,
yes I am talking about loud and obnoxious sales types. When totally
out luck, I can always glance up to the portraits of the authors in
Barnes & Noble, and smile to my buddy Melville and to my writing
Polish sailor hero, Joseph Conrad.

For last few years I have been using the Hot-Spot WI-FI service for T-
mobile, initially it was great, later it was dropped from Barnes &
Noble booksellers. I could still use it in Starbucks and Borders, but
there are two of the Barnes & Noble stores in my neighborhood and no
Borders, ouch!

Then, a few coincidences directed me to the current solution. I have
seen couple of associates using the laptop cards when internet was too
slow, or not available, I noticed the AT&T $60/month plans while
shopping for the new iPhone, finally after I cancelled a credit card
my T-Mobile service rejected me at the Starbucks.

I have to admit that $60 per month for the card is a lot, twice as
much as my previous WI-FI was. WIth it I still get WI-FI speed at the
coffee shops, but I can go on the sailboat, or the park bench and
still do my things. Time will show if this was a good choice. Since I
have a MacBookPro I opted for ExpressCard card and if you buy
refurbished one, you don't pay nothing for it with 2 year contract.

Mac driver for the Option Wireless GT Ultra Express.