Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quality Testing

Unit testing

This (jUnit) is the first step for creating a quality product. A simple fact of writing a test before code implementation, forces the developer to think about various "what if?" scenarios. Testing a given method, or module, for both positive and negative inputs is essential and it is also a good example of how to use that code. Running all the tests at regular intervals assures good integration and regressions testing.

Selenium UI testing

Selenium provide the ability to regression-test hundreds of features that would be tedious for the human to test and retest. It quickly identifies the points of failure.

Code freeze

Code freeze happens when the QA/UAT is built and following the build. No NEW development happens during the code freeze. ALL developers concentrate
- fixing the issues that were identified in this build,
- documenting the items they just finished,
- updating the QA checklist with new features,
- creating Selenium tests for the items just finished,
- planning and documenting future development,