Monday, July 20, 2009

Flexible USB keyboard

This keyboard is incredibly flexible and the buttons have a real "press down" feeling to them, but as with any new keyboard there is much getting used to be overcome.

The seller advertised it as indestructible, so if you work in the chemical lab, or eat a lot of pizza while typing, that may be a good choice.

I like it because it is super light, flexible and lays down on the table which is good for my wrists. There are only blue and black versions available.

Works both with Mac and Windows.

After using it for few days I have the following problems:

- pressing buttons is a little harder than normal keyboard
- you have to be more precise
- space bar does not get pressed way too often and I end up with words stuck together
- arrows placement is terrible
- Windows/Apple special button is too small for as often as I use it
- backspace is too small