Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mac OS X Netbook

Putting Mac OS X onto a netbook. Total cost $375 + Mac OS X

Computer: Dell Vostro A90

Upgrades: 16 gb SSD and 2gb DDR2 RAM


  • towards the end of the tutorial when it says to boot OS X using "-x" user "-x -f" instead which is a force command, when I tried the "-x", all I got was a messed up white display.
  • I only had a 8 gb flash drive so i have to use another 2 gb drive to put the 10.5.7 upgrade (unpackaged) and DellEFI onto.

Final Notes:
  • OS X takes up about 8.3 gb so either get a bigger SSD or get an external drive.
  • I picked up a 16 gb SDHC card (since there's a slot for one and it's basically un-noticeable) .
  • My total price came to about $375 with the upgrades and 16 gb SDHC card for the hardware
  • a copy of OS X will be $130 as well.