Friday, November 20, 2009

Cloud-based IDE for Google AppEngine?

With all this talk about Chrome OS and Netbooks being stripped down to bare minimum developers must be wondering...

Can I carry a small (CPU/memory) tablet computer (preferably Mac, or Android), connect it to any keyboard and monitor (mouse not needed as tablet would serve as a touchpad) and continue my code development?

Hence the idea...

Anyone interested in writing cloud-based IDE (like Eclipse) for browsers (or Android/Chrome OS platform)?

  • kind of code-friendly wiki model with "deploy" button added
  • all the programing happens in the browser
  • no extra tools needed (can work from school lab/library computer)
  • apps inherently live in/deploys to Google AppEngine or other cloud
  • no need for code checking out/in 
  • version history would be auto-maintained
  • multiple people can edit a file and live editing would be color coded
  • login for client projects, but open source project could thrive on it
  • 100% same environment for all developers (dependency management)
  • ability to lock-out files until developer works out the bugs
  • ability for other to see "locked-out" changes

Now, I know, even today you can open JavaScript, PHP, or other script in the browser, edit it save and instantly see the changes.

Well, I was hoping for GWT or Flex solution.

Pallavi Kaushik suggested:

Please leave a comment with suggestions, or links to the projects that do that.