Saturday, November 14, 2009

Google Wave preview by ChiGTUG

fyi: ChiGTUG is Chicago Google Technology User Group.

I received al lot of questions on Google Wave over the Twitter, here is the scoop....

We have seen Google Wave presentation last summer at Google IO in San Francisco, since then our team was toying with creating the robots in the sandbox account Google kindly provided.

Recently, my whole team finally got their Wave accounts and since we are distributed between Milwaukee, Chicago and suburbs we tried to use it instead of SKYPE we normally use.

Observations we see as necessary:

  • when you start a new wave you should be an admin and be able to assign admins
  • only admins should be able to delete posts of others
  • after collaborating on a (work) topic it should be possible to export it to (PDF) file
  • you should be able to apply various formatting styles to your wave to make it look like: chat, documentation, meeting notes, etc.
  • wave needs a desktop client like iChat, or Skype
  • wave needs mobile clients: iPhone, Android
  • Wave needs to become a OpenSocial gadget so we can plug it into Blogger
  • Wave need voice and video chatting
  • Wave need screen sharing like iChat, or Skype does
I am sure a lot of these issues will be addressed shortly. We cannot wait for Wave to become mainstream application for collaboration.