Friday, November 20, 2009

Updating Eclipse Galileo to GWT 2.0 RC2

1) Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (188 MB)  version 3.5. 
Fresh installation is recommended.

Mac: use Cocoa 32 bit
Extract in Applications directory, for example:

Drag /Applications/IDE/eclipse/ to your dock to make a shortcut.

2) Download GWT SDK:

Extract the zip in any location, example:

3) Install Eclipse GWT Plugin:
download and extract into Eclipse dropins directory

You should have this, or newer:

Restart Eclipse, you should see the plugin.

If for any reason you don't see these 3 icons, delete Eclipse installation, and extract all again from the downloaded archives, take about 1 minute.

Following steps are optional depending on what you are using:

4) Install Eclipse SVN plugin: Menu.. Help.. Install new software...

You should be able to browse any SVN repositories by selecting..

and typing SVN in the search, then selecting "SVN repositories"

5) Install Eclipse Maven plugin: Menu.. Help.. Install New Software ...

6) Make sure that your project uses the right SDK GWT 2.0 RC2:

Please post comments and help tips