Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apple iOS distribution building nightmare with XCode 4

I have been trying to post an iOS app that has been ready and tested for a while now. The app runs fine on iPhone and iPad. I already went thru the 12 hour nightmare-effort of certificates and provisioning profiles. The app has also passed the verification by apple iTunes Connect, too... yet, as I am reading the posts of people having similar problems to mine I realize Apple makes it purposely a NIGHTMARE. For me that is UNNECESSARY waste of time and honestly makes me not want to make Apple native application anymore.

Here are some of the COMMENTS I found on the bulletin boards:

Btw, I've never heard of anyone getting this process right on the first try. It's not meant to be easy. Consider it to be an examination. I.e. to place your app in the store, it's not sufficient to have simply learned how to develop the software.


Strange as these steps may seem, they worked for me last time I had your problem (e.g. why delete all the build directories if you already cleaned all targets? And why re-enter the exact code-signing identity you just deleted??Just do it!).


On my first try I filled in the wrong line, and it took all night to find the problem.


Xcode 4 has made my life miserable. I am very familiar with Xcode 3.2.6 and have built and submitted several applications to the iTunes but now I am stopped at a very basic task. How to build the release version, find and compress the built iPhone bundle, and submit it to the AppStore with this X#2&% ?