Friday, August 12, 2011

Still comparing iPhone to Android?

Disclaimer: I ALWAYS have BOTH iPhone and Android on me, I use both. I had 3 iPhones and several Android models including tablets of both OS.

Apple has a beautiful consistency of the product, and the hardware is just yummy, but as with superior breeds of the animals, does not matter how well groomed and "purified", the diversity and evolution eventually wins as the environment constantly changes. 

An Example of  such changes is that I mostly write my blogs from the phone, I never thought I will be doing it, but it is convenient especially with the Google Blogger app. I would not be able to type the long articles on virtual keyboard, so I rather use an OFFSHOOT of the mobile evolutionary tree, Motorola Droid2. I don't have much love for that particular phone, but I got it for free, no argument there. 

Maybe in few months I will have different needs and I will choose another model. 

So today, the only way you would convince me to switch my DROID2 for iPhone is if I could sell it on eBay and buy a newer, better Android phone (with keyboard). 

For me, there is no comparison, iPhone loose hands down on daily basis.

Couple of examples:
  1. If you want to have an alarm app (check out our Shame Alarm app) on iPhone you have to start it and leave it in the foreground -- and that is only one of the many problems of iOS, Google solved it long time ago. 
  2. I use desktop widgets on my phone all the time, iPhone may have them soon.
  3. Switching between running apps, I do it all the time bouncing between email and chat and browser and blogger.
  4. I type probably 3 hours a day on my phone, including my blogs, emails, chat, there is no keyboard on any iPhone

I cannot live without the above, and hundred other features users of iOS never heard of.

Let me know what features of each platform you find a must-have.