Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mac OS X 10.7.2 "Lion" - where is my Java?! #%!

Apple decided that Java is not is not important enough to be installed on your new Mac , not nice!

I have heard the rummors that Steve did not love us, the Android crowd. I am sure it is not true, after all I am using Droid2 with keyboard and Galaxy Tab 7, both of which are not products that are offered by Apple. Denial? OK, I am reading his biography, he did hate us.

When you try to open apps like Eclipse you get an "almost" friendly pop-up:

Unfortunately for me, the installation of the Java did not happen, I tried several times.

I tried "java" from Terminal as that may fix the problem, but it did not.

What happened was I had a Software Update process already running and downloading new iTunes and whole bunch of other stuff over a very slow Public Library connection.