Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mac: Forcing Delete Trash

I switched computer few time and copied a lot of files between. As result I got Trash full of files that I could not delete. The solution was to create a "Temp Trash" folder on my desktop, copy files from Trash to this new folder and Delete them again.

UN-Secure Delete of Trash

Sometimes you want to delete a lot of files files from Trash folder, but it takes forever using "Secure Empty Trash".

In this case is it easier and faster to click OPTION KEY button and "Empty Trash", the delete is not secure which means someone could do forensics on your Hard Drive and restore some of the files if they were in the sections not overwritten by newer data, but for most people who are not quite paranoid the speedy delete maybe a good option.

Changing Permission of the files to "Read and Write"

uki: ~ $ sudo chmod 666 /Users/uki/.Trash/*.*