Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updating Android JellyBean 4.2

Updating Android JellyBean 4.2 using ClockworkMod CWM & cyanogenmod for Android Developers.

If you are a Mac user you might be frustrated that there is no ODIN3 (Window software).
Actually, it is very easy with adb tool that every Android developer uses.

I am starting with stock Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.0.1 (from Google I/O).


Get cyanogenmod for your SPECIFIC device, get most stable version there is:;

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi only model
I got

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 T-Mobile:

Motorola Droid2 


Get Google Apps for your version of above
- cm-10 == Android 4.2.2
- cm-9 == ICS
- cm-7 == Gingerbread

you can easily find by searching "gapps-jb-2013"

Get ClockworkMod CWM recovery.img

Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile)

STEP 4) For Samsung: Inspect if there is no update in Kies (USB Debugging OFF), you can use thier for file transfer, too

STEP 5) Transfer there 2 ZIP files to /sdcard/  (USB Debugging ON)
- gApps
- cm-
uki:platform-tools uki$ adb push ~/Documents/Android/Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_7_TMobile/ /sdcard/
3038 KB/s (144260310 bytes in 46.360s)
uki:platform-tools uki$ adb push ~/Documents/Android/Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_7_TMobile/ /sdcard/
3263 KB/s (54485532 bytes in 16.304s)
uki:platform-tools uki$

I am showing 3 zip files because I tried older gApps previously.

Turn OFF tablet by holding POWER button

START device in fast boot mode (USB icon):
- hold VOLUME-DOWN (closer to power button) and press POWER button until device boots,
- select Fastboot, NOT download by pressing volume-down, make selection by pressing VOLUME-UP

See if you can see your device
uki:platform-tools uki$ fastboot devices 
288420043805517 fastboot

If you see similar (number) line as above, you are good to proceed.

Install ClockworkMod CWM tool

uki:platform-tools uki$ fastboot -u -S 0 flash recovery /Users/uki/Downloads/recovery-clockwork- 
sending 'recovery' (4844 KB)...
OKAY [  0.341s]
writing 'recovery'...
OKAY [  0.605s]
finished. total time: 0.946s
uki:platform-tools uki$

uki:platform-tools uki$ fastboot reboot

finished. total time: 0.000s

The Tablet should start and be healthy.

uki:platform-tools uki$ adb reboot recovery  

The Tablet should start with ClockworkMod Recovery menu. If is does not start it same as bafore (POWER + VOLUME DOWN) and select recovery (icon with box expanding)

select  - backup and restore (move with Volume UP, select with pressing Power button)
select  - backup (will take a while, but it is VERY IMPORTANT)
Backup complete!
*** Go Back ***

wipe data/factory reset

*** Yes...

select advanced
select - wipe Dalvik cache

*** Yes
*** Go Back ***

select install zip from sdcard
choose.. from sdcard
*** Yes...

install from sdcard

restart, press POWER button for 10 seconds
- unplug,

If it fails recover backup (should not happen)

IMPORTANT!!! To enable "USB Debugging" and other {} Developer options:
Settings -> About tablet -> CLICK "Build number" line 6 times!!!!!!

I guess the last one is for the code gurus that spent 6 years in the high mountains writing this, one click per year. :)

Update Android SKD Manager to versions 16 & 17



The keyboard closes after first character typed, which makes impossible to use the keyboard. 

To fix it go to: 
settings -> language & input  -> click on settings icon next to "Android Keyboard (AOSP)" -> under TEXT CORRECTION
  • set 'Auto-correction' to 'Off' 
  • set 'Show correction options' to 'Always hide'.
The SWYPE will still work, but it will not show auto-correction words on top, it is a minor setback. When I don't get a correct word in Swype mode, I have to type it character-by-character.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Default Google Account

I have a couple of Google accounts:
- my name
- my company email which is also done via Google

To change DEFAULT google account I had to sign OUT from all and sign in FIRST with the one I want as default.

For some Google entities I had to do it in reverse as my new email did not work with them.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Animation of 3D mesh in Unity3D

  1. importing the mesh with animation from Maja to Unity3D
  2. setting the position of the mesh
  3. testing the animation and adjusting 

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