Friday, February 14, 2014

Working on Android tablet

Today, I was shopping for Windows 8 tablet/laptop. I am a Mac user, but my wife has to use Windows for work. I have to say that I was very impressed, I liked Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Sony VAIO fit 13.

I think the tablet/laptop or fun/work market segment will be huge.

Being an Android developer I was thinking "Why I cannot use ONE tablet to do all my stuff, namely:

1) Write Android apps
2) Edit my docs and books (Apple Pages, or Word Docs) 
3) Edit spreadsheets (time sheets, balance sheets, estimates)
4) Use misc tools for code management (code repo, diff tools)

Soon you will be able to have an Android tablet with QUAD processors and 128-256 GB of memory, and external USB hard drive, HDMI port and BT HID (keyboard, pointer).

I started to research what is available and a quick search came up with the following:


ORION - browser based

I will evaluate these tools, your comments and continue this article.


~ Uki