Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mounting Microcomputer with LEGO

Let's face it, electronic projects are a workbench tangle of components. 

I have experimented with multiple techniques to mount my projects:
- plexiglass with elements screwed to it
- plexiglass with double sided tape
- plastic containers, eg. tapperware

But for modular building nothing is better than LEGO blocks. The construction is very solid and reconfigurable while on the bench and can be glued together with solvent when completed. And looks fun, too.

I was pulling my hair out how to mount a microcomputer like this I.MX6 as it does not fit in LEGO grid very well. I considered screws and silicon and rubber mounts, but it was not simple, nor elegant.

What is found out to work the best was to cut a notch in corners of LEGO with Dremel cutting disk. Very simple and fast. You can put a drop of silicone inside the LEGO to work as a rubber dumper, if you have any wiggle/play.

I am sure someone has done that before, but this technique was my original idea, and I am very pleased with the results.

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