Saturday, September 13, 2014

Android: creating new module - calc converter app


In this short tutorial you will create a new Android Studio project.

Step 1. In Android Studio create a new Module

  • Android Application
  • Application Name: Unit Conventer
  • Module Name: unit_conventer
  • edu.clcillinois.cit299.calc
  • Min. required SDK: API 10
  • Target SDK:  API 19 (Kitkat)
  • Compile with: APK 19  (Kitkat)
  • Java: 1.6
  • Theme: Holo Light

Step 2. Search on Google images and/or create an icon for the app

search terms: calculator converter icon

Step 3: Chose the selected app icon

Step 4: Create "Blank Activity" with ActionBar

Step 5: Create "MainActivity" and "activity_main" layout

Step 6: Deploy the app to a device

If you get an error

see fix here: