Monday, October 20, 2014

Mac Daemons that hunt us

Sometimes you get annoyed by garbage other companies are trying to stuff on your computer. Motorola is one of these companies. When I connect my test DROID device the annoying popups are opened. 

This is not a conclusive solution, but a start of the longer article on the unwanted Mac Daemons that suck up your patience and CPU power.

Removing Launch services

$ launchctl list | grep moto
- 0 com.motorola.motohelperUpdater
32594 - com.motorola.motohelper
- 0 com.motorola.MDMUpdaterPlist
$ launchctl remove com.motorola.motohelper

$ launchctl remove com.motorola.motohelperUpdater

Removing unwanted Application

cd /Library/Application\ Support/
$ ls | grep Moto

Motorola Mobility
uki@ Application Support $ sudo rm -r MotoCast

uki@ Application Support $ sudo rm -r Motorola\ Mobility/

List of legitimate Services:

  • PTPCamera - part of the Image Capture software that MacOS uses