Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Class Repo

There is a REPO created for each class:

  1. create a free account with xp-dev.com, remember the password
  2. send the create user_name to the instructor ulucas@clcillinois.edu
  3. the instructor will manually add each student per above request
  4. mkdir ~/CLC
  5. cd ~/CLC
  6. git clone https://xp-dev.com/git/CLC_CIT_137_students_2015_spring cit137
  7. cd cit137
  9. mv my_old_project_directory/ ~/CLC/cit137/MY_FIRST_LAST_NAME/
  10. cd ~CLC/cit137/MY_FIRST_LAST_NAME/
  11. pwd
  12. ls -al
  13. git add --all
  14. git commit -m "my first commit with files from class #1, #2 and #3"
  15. git push

Homework: print current working directory and list files