Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MacBook Pro (late 2011) graphics crashing

With the update to Yosemite (maybe unrelated) my Mac started to crash, at first it was rare, but right now it is consistent, the common situations when it is crashing:

  • connecting external monitor via HDMI
  • connecting external monitor via VGA
  • screen sharing using JoinMe 
  • bad days in general
The MacBook Pro (starting with early 2011) have 2 GPU (graphic cards), one integrated, low power, and one additional (discrete) that is used for high power situations.

I installed the utility called gfxCardStatus that allows me to switch between integrated and discrete graphic cards.

From their website:

gfxCardStatus v2.3 and above actively prevents you from switching to Integrated Only mode when any apps are in the Dependencies list (or if you have an external display plugged in). This is because if you were to do this, your discrete GPU would actually stay powered on, even though you've switched to the integrated GPU.

So I guess no more external display for me until Apple fixes the problem, or I but new MacBook Pro (hopefully with touch screen this time).


Reseting System Management Controller (SMC)


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